2020 TES Enhancements



Search by Institution Code

When looking for an institution in Course Finder you have several options.  Prior to this enhancement you had the ability to search based on full/partial name or an abbreviation.   Now you can also search by IPEDS, CEEB, ACE, ACT, FICE or OPEID.

How this works:  

On Course Finder 1 you can now search for an institution by any of the following codes: IPEDS, CEEB, ACE, ACT, FICE or OPEID. So if you were looking for San Diego State University you could use anything from the table below. 

San Diego State University SDSU 122409 4682 0398 0398 001151March


Ability to Delete Closed Evaluation Tasks

Users can now delete evaluation tasks that did not result in an equivalency or have had the corresponding equivalency deleted.

How it works: 

In the All Closed Evaluations queue, users can now delete evaluation tasks that were done in testing, did not result in an equivalency or has had the resulting equivalency deleted.

For more information regarding the All Closed Evaluations queue see: All Closed Evaluations

Update to Evaluation Tracker Reminder Email

Added the option to include a custom message when sending an Evaluation Tracker Reminder email.

How it Works:

When sending out an Evaluation Tracker Reminder Email, users can now include a custom message to send to the user.  

For more information see:  Send E-mail Reminders

Added Indicator on EQ Manager for Group and Group Reports

Added a sort able indicator on Equivalency Manager to show if there are any group and group reports built to that institution.

How it Works:

Users with Equivalency Manager rights can now navigate to Equivalency Manager and now see a check box to indicate which institutions have groups and group reports without having to detail into the institution.  These columns are also sortable, so users can now easily see the number of institutions with groups and group reports.  

For more information see: The Equivalency Manager



Batch Delete Equivalencies in Batch Editor EQ Search

For TES Administrators who need to do a massive clean-up of equivalencies stored in TES, the option was added to batch delete equivalencies using the equivalency batch editor.

How it works:

Users with both TES Administrator and EQ Manager Rights have the ability to access a batch delete option in the EQ search feature in the Equivalency Batch editor. Users can delete up to 1,000 equivalencies at a time.  We added this limit to make sure someone doesn't accidentally delete to many equivalencies at once.

For more information regarding Equivalency Batch Editor see: The Equivalency Batch Editor