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TES requires the use of cookies to keep you logged in. With close to 45,000 TES users, access to the system could get significantly slower if we didn’t have some limits in place. What we have done, is set a 5-minute time out. What that means is that if you are talking to someone, take a break, get a phone call, your child has a home-school meltdown, or fall down a click-bait hole in the internet for 5 minutes or more…you get timed out of TES. This relieves the burden on TES for those actively using it. Now, imagine that every time you timed out, we made you log back in? Username. Password. Try to remember where you were and how to navigate back to it. The whole deal. There would be mutiny! Or at least a call for allowing users to extend their time out settings: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, a couple hours, keep me logged in. As you might be able to imagine, that would start to impact performance for everyone using TES, and in particular, those actively using it. You would receive run-time errors, experience slow performance, and lose many of the efficiency benefits you love so much with TES.

So, we use cookies. What are cookies? Cookies are small pieces of information, like a token, that keeps track of where you are and what you are looking at online. In TES, that means we follow you to whatever page you are looking at. This way, when you time out and then click back in to TES, we know where you were and we just log you back in and let you keep working. It preserves efficient access to TES for those actively working and allows those that take a “break” to just get right back to work, without having to log back in and navigate back to where you were when you timed out.

Enabling cookies is different for every browser. Here is a great website to give you just what you need, depending on what your favorite browser is: https://www.internetcookies.org/enable-cookies/

At CollegeSource, we don't collect these tracks, nor do we push advertisements to you or sell your browsing history to any one. It is strictly used to make your experience in TES as good as it can be.

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