Course List Report

A course list report is a list of courses from any institution(s) and this feature can be used whether you store equivalencies in TES or not. To view/create a Course List Report you must have the CREATE LIST user right assigned. You can use the View Detail option to view the course descriptions for all of the selected courses. If your institution does store equivalencies in TES, you can view the defined equivalencies for the selected course(s). To view the EQ Audit (equivalency report) you must have the ACCESS EQ rights assigned.

A Course List Report can be used to meet a variety of purposes. For example, when advising potential transfer students a Course List Report can be produced to show them their transfer course award. You could produce a similar report for a current student that needs to attend elsewhere for a semester and return to your institution. A Course List Report can serve as a planning document for a new Transfer Articulation Agreement. They can be used to select a number of courses from a potential feeder
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