Manage/Edit a Course List Report

Course List Reports can be edited (by the owner) from the COURSE LIST REPORT screen: you can RENAME the report, COPY the report, SHARE the report with other TES Users on your campus, or DELETE the report. These reports can be sorted by the REPORT TITLE, the DATE, or the SHARED? columns.

Opening/Editing a Course List Report

  • To open or edit an existing Course List Report, click the arrow button to the left of the REPORT TITLE in the list. The Summary report will open.

  • Click the Edit button.

  • To add courses to the report, search for an institution

  • Click the arrow button to select the INSTITUTION
  • Use the drop-down list to select the DATA SET
Note: You can select courses from as many datasets as you would like. This would be particularly important if a.) Your equivalencies are effective dated and could differ from one feeder catalog year to the next, b.) You are using this Course List to provide a student with a report of their specific transfer status, or c.) Both
  • Add the courses by using the department drop down menu and selecting the +button. Grade entry is optional. If you do enter a grade, it will display in the case (upper, lower, sentence, etc.) that you enter it in.

  • The Summary Report now reflects the added course(s).

  • To delete (remove) a course from the report, click the X button to the right of the course.

Renaming a Course List Report

The owner of a Course List Report can change the Report Title of their Course List Reports.

  • Select the report and click the Edit button.
  • To rename a Course List Report, click the Rename radio button.

  • Enter the new title and click the Rename button.
    The list of Course List Reports will reflect the new title (note: the date will not change for edits – it simply reflects the date that the report was first created).

Copying a Course List Report

You can make a copy of a Course List Report. The copy can then be edited, shared, and/or renamed.

  • Select the report and click the Edit button.
  • To copy a Course List Report, click the Copy radiobutton.

  • Enter the title for the copy and click the Copy button.
  • The copy will have the new title (and the current date).

Sharing or Changing the Owner of a Course List Report

You can share a Course List Report even if you didn’t share it from the beginning. This allows you the opportunity to get the report just right, and then make it available to everyone in your institution that has the CREATE LIST user right assigned.

  • Select the report and click the Edit button.
  • To share a Course List Report, click the Access radio button.

  • Click the Shared report? checkbox and click the Submitbutton.

  • You can also change the owner of any Course List Report that you own. If you do change the owner, you will no longer be able to edit the report yourself. Additionally, if the new owner decides to un-share the report, you will no longer be able to see it.
  • To change the owner, use the Owner drop-down list.

  • The (newly) shared report will now appear in the SHARED REPORTS section. It will still be listed in the MY REPORTS section as well unless you changed the owner.

Deleting a Course List Report

You can delete any Course List Report that you no longer need, right from the COURSE LIST REPORT 1 page.

  • Select the report and click the Edit button.
  • To delete the Course List Report, click the Delete radio button.
  • You will be prompted to verify that you want to delete the report.

  • Click the Confirm button to delete the report.
  • The report is removed.

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