Create Evaluation Tasks with User Added Transfer Courses

This article contains instructions for creating evaluation tasks with User Added Transfer Courses.

Creating an evaluation task for a User Added Transfer Course is just the same as creating an evaluation task for any other course in TESĀ®.

To begin:

  1. Go to the Search menu.
  2. Select Course Finder.

Locate the User Added Institution

  1. Within the INSTITUTION SEARCH, enter the name of the institution.
    • The U.S. Schools radio button is selected by default.
      • To search for institutions outside of the United States, toggle either the Non U.S. Schools or All radio button.
    • Users should be aware that abbreviations and alias searches cannot be used to locate User Added Institutions within the INSTITUTION SEARCH fields in TES. CollegeSource recommends entering the full name of the User Added Institution (or at least the most unique part).
  2. Select the Search button.
  3. Select the arrow to the left of the institution's name ("Select an institution").

Callout illustrates location of Select an institution button.

"- CSU Added" is appended to the name of all User Added Transfer Institutions created by CollegeSource University (SH). This phrase clearly identifies that the institution was created by a user in the CollegeSource University TESĀ® account and is not associated with official TES institution data.

Select a Data Set

Once the institution has been located:

  1. Under DATA SET, select the data set containing the course that needs evaluation.
    • Another option is to use the Course Code or Course Title radio buttons to search across all data sets.
  2. Click on or tab to the Select button.

Course Finder 2. The Data Set drop-down and Course Code and Course Title toggles are shown.

  1. Select the checkbox to the left of the course or course(s) for which an evaluation task(s) will be created.
    • Search by Course Code, Course Title, or use the SELECT DEPARTMENT drop-down.
    • A user may opt to create one evaluation task containing one or many courses. Additionally, individual evaluation tasks can be generated for multiple courses using Batch Eval Mode. See below.
The checkbox to the left of COMM 101 has been selected. A single evaluation task will be created for this course.
The checkboxes to the left of MATH 105 and MATH 105L have been selected, indicating that both courses need review. From here, the user can create either (1) a single evaluation task containing both MATH 105 & 105L or (2) separate evaluation tasks for each course using Batch Eval Mode.
  1. Select View.

Route the Evaluation(s)

Once the course(s) has been selected, the user has the option to:

  1. Route the evaluation to the reviewer with no course attached;
  2. Route the evaluation to the reviewer with a proposed equivalency; or
  3. Find a proposed equivalency using the EQ Search and, from there, send the proposed equivalency for review.

If reviewing multiple courses, see Create Evaluation Tasks: Single Eval Mode, Batch Eval Mode, and Sequence Eval Mode for an explanation of how to generate separate evaluation tasks for multiple courses using either Batch Eval or Sequence Eval Mode.

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