Adding, Updating, and Removing Users

Users and user rights are managed by TES Administrators.


Add New User

There are no limits to the number of users that can be added to TES. Add New User details the process for adding new users into TES.

Update/De-activate User

User information, user rights, and access can be edited under User Management. Update the contact fields, such as last name or job title, or if someone has left your institution or no longer requires access to TES, you can de-activate that user. De-activating a user does not delete any of the log entries that were attributed to them during evaluations and/or equivalency management.

To update or de-activate a user:

  1. From the Manage dropdown, select User Management.
  2. Click Edit next to the user you wish to edit or de-activate
  3. If updating, make any changes to contact Information and/or User Rights, and click the Update button to finish.
  4. If de-activating, click De-Activate button.

Re-Activate User

If a user previously had a TES account that was de-activated, you can re-activate their account using the process below. 

(Use the Add New User process above to add Transferology Lab users to your TES account.)

  1. From the Manage dropdown, select User Management.
  2. Click + Add User. An e-mail validation box will display. 
  3. Enter user email, click Check. You will receive a message that the e-mail address is INACTIVE.
  4. Click Re-Activate.

Still Need Help?

If you are unsuccessful re-activating a user, please Contact Us for assistance.

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