Adding, Updating, and Removing Users

This article provides resources for adding, updating, removing, and re-activating users in/from TES®. TES Administrators perform these actions within User Management, located in the Manage menu.

Add New Users

No limits exist to the number of users that can be added to TES. Creating a New User Account in TES details the process for adding new users.

Update/De-Activate Users

User information and user rights/access can be edited or adjusted for any user in TES. 

TES Administrators can:

  1. Update user contact information.
    • Examples: Last Name, Job Title.
  2. Adjust User Rights.
  3. De-Activate a user. 
    • De-activating a user does not delete any of the log entries that were attributed to the person during evaluation and/or equivalency management.

See Update/De-Activate User for more information.

Re-Activate Users

If a user previously had a TES account that was de-activated, a TES Administrator can re-activate the account so the individual can regain access to TES. Re-Activate a User details this process.

Still Need Help?

If not able to successfully re-activate a user, please Contact Us for assistance.

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