Creating a New User Account in TES

This article provides an overview of the process by which a TES Administrator can manage can add a new user to TES®. There is no limit on the number of users that can be granted access to TES, assigned a particular user right, or logged into TES simultaneously.

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To begin adding a new user:

  1. Go to Manage.
  2. Select User Management.

The User Management screen will appear:

This is an image of the user management screen in TES. Buttons one can select from at the top are add user, set priority departments, email, export, and user rights. On the left, each individual user's name is listed. The chart shows whether the individual has the create list, create eval, service eval, manage eval, access eq, explore eq, create eq, or administrator user right. The user's last login is also noted.

Add a User

1. Select +Add User.

2. An e-mail verification box will appear. 

  • Enter the email address of the new user and select Check.

Image of Add User screen. Text additionally notes that TES enforces a unique email policy. An email is restricted to a single user account.

If the email address of the user is not found, the TES® Administrator will be taken to an additional ADD USER page.

  • If the email address is found, the TES Administrator can simply update the the user profile.

Enter Contact Information

Within the ADD USER screen, enter/make a selection in the following fields (required fields are highlighted):

Image of Add User screen. Fields noted below are listed, along with username (email). At the top, a message appears noting that email verification was complete, and to please complete the form below.

Field Name Instructions Status
Salutation Select from the following:

First Name Enter the user's first name Required
Middle Name Enter the user's middle name Optional
Last Name Enter the user's last name Required
Suffix Select from the following:

Department Enter the user's department name Optional
Job Title Enter the user's job title

The job title entered will appear next to the user's name in the Assign: drop-down in the Evaluation Tracker workflow (Add Evaluation Task 2). 
Phone Enter the user's phone number Optional
Fax Enter the user's fax number Optional
Address 1 Enter the user's address (line 1) Optional
Address 2 Enter the user's address (line 2) Optional
City Enter the user's city Optional
Zip/Postal Code Enter the user's Zip/postal code  Optional
State Enter the user's State Optional

Set User Rights

Toggle the Yes/No buttons next to each user right to establish the access/permissions the user will be granted:

Image of Set User Rights portion of ADD USER page.

See User Rights and Permissions for an overview of the following available rights:


Set Your Password Email Notification

Toggle Yes/No to indicate whether a SET YOUR PASSWORD notification should be sent to the user. By default, Yes is selected.

Image of Send user a set your password email notification toggle.

Select Add User to add the individual to TES®.

  • Selecting Cancel would return the TES Administrator to the User Management screen without creating the user account.

The user will receive the following email with directions for establishing a password.

Image of TES Account Password Setup email. User is informed that the TES Administrator has established a TES user account for the user and initiated a password reset. The individual is asked to visit the link below to complete the setup process. The link will expire in 48 hours. A Quick Start Tip indicates that more information about TES, such as movie demos and an FAQ, is available on the TES home page under the Support menu. If help is needed, contact support at collegesource dot com.

The user will need to select the link (which expires in 48 hours) to create a password. If this is not done within 48 hours, the individual must request a password reset.

If the new user is a faculty evaluator, the TES Administrator might wish to establish Priority Departments to help the evaluator more quickly complete evaluation tasks. See Priority Departments: Overview & Management for further details. 

Setting Up a Password

Once the link above is selected, the new user will be taken to the Password Reset screen. The user will need to enter and re-enter a password (using the guidelines listed) and then select Submit.

This is an image of the password reset screen. Password guidelines indicate that a password must be new, not the same as your previous password. The password must be a minimum of eight characters, and must contain at least two letter characters and two number characters. Passwords must contain at least one uppercase character and at least one lowercase character. Passwords may contain special characters except for spaces, forward slashes, semi-colons or sequential hyphens. Users enter a new password, and then re-enter to confirm. They must verify that they are an employee of their organization, and that they have read and agree to abide by the TES Terms of Use.

The user will be taken to the login screen, where a message will indicate that the password was successfully changed.

Close up of portion of log in screen after a user has updated their password. User will see a message that says password successfully changed. Please log in with new password.

The user can now sign in to TES® with the username and newly created password.

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