User Rights and Permissions

Access to the features in TES are controlled by the User Rights. A TES Administrator assigns the appropriate rights for each staff member, faculty member, and advisor.

All roles allow access to Course Finder to view course and institution information, the Equivalency Finder to view and search all stored equivalencies in TES for your institution, and User Preferences to update the password and set a default login page. Creating a new user without assigning any rights creates this view-only user. An alternative to creating view-only users is to deploy the Public View on either a private Intranet or public Internet page and direct users there to look up equivalencies.

User Right Types


The TES Administrator manages the user rights for all staff within TES. This includes the ability to send e-mails and e-mail reminders to all users. It includes the ability to assign Course Tags and attach Course Outlines to your courses. This User Right allows the user to run Usage Statistics, to set evaluation workflow default setting (e-mail reminder status, an e-mail address for notification of equivalency creation, and the default user to be assigned the evaluation tasks generated in Transferology), and to manage the Public View including access to the link for imbedding equivalencies on to your website. This User Right also provides access to run an on-demand export report. The initial TES Administrator is set up by CollegeSource. From there, you can assign this User Right to as many users as you would like.

Demo Video: TES Administrator Role

Learn how to administer your TES account, including adding users, setting user rights, customizing your public view, exporting equivalencies, viewing usage statistics, and more.

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Create Report

This User Right allows the user to create, maintain, and share lists of courses from other institutions. When combined with the Equivalency Report User Right, the user will be able to run the EQ (Equivalency) Report for a Course List to see if there are existing equivalencies for the selected courses.

EQ Report

This Right allows the user to generate an EQ (Equivalency) Report from a Course List Report. The user must also have the Create Report User Right. This User Right is only applicable if you are storing your equivalencies in TES.

EQ Manager

This User Right provides access to the Equivalency Manager (to create, edit, view, and delete equivalencies for your institution). It grants the ability to build, maintain, and delete Groups and Group Reports, and to add, maintain, or delete User-Added Courses (to manage the courses added outside of your catalog). This User Right should be assigned to staff in the office that will build and manage equivalencies for your institution. This User Right is only applicable if you are storing your equivalencies in TES.

Eval Tracker

This User Right allows users to open and evaluate Evaluation Tasks created using the Evaluation Tracker Workflow. This Right should be assigned to staff, faculty, and/or advisors on your campus that will view evaluation tasks assigned to them for the determination of equivalents.

Explorer Reports

This User Right provides access to the Course Change Explorer (to compare two catalogs from an institution) and the Equivalency Explorer (to view equivalencies assigned by other institutions to courses from your institution, to compare course numbers with your catalog and another institution, to compare course titles with your catalog and another institution, and to view other institution’s course tags). This Right should be assigned to anyone needing to run comparison reports.

  • To create Evaluation Tasks in the Evaluation Tracker, a user must have both the EQ MANAGER User Right and the EVAL TRACKER User Right.
  • To view the All Open Evaluations and the All Closed Evaluations queues, a user must have both the EQ MANAGER User Right and the ADMI User Right.

User Rights Comparison Chart

Course Finder

Equivalency Finder
Course List Report *
Equivalency Report *
Course Change Explorer
Evaluation Tracker

Equivalency Manager
Equivalency Explorer
User-Added Departments/Courses

Admin rights also gives access to add course tags, attach outlines, run usage statistics, set Evaluation Workflow defaults, Public View management, user management, and export options.

* To run the Course List Report and the EQ (Equivalency) Report from within the Course List Report, assign both the Create Report and EQ Report rights.