Re-Activate a User

This article provides an overview of the processes by which a TES® Administrator can re-activate user accounts in TES. This process would also be used to create/activate accounts for Transferology Lab users who will be using TES for the first time. 

In this article:

To begin:

  1. Go to Manage.
  2. Select User Management.

The User Management screen will appear:

This is an image of the user management screen in TES. Buttons one can select from at the top are add user, set priority departments, email, export, and user rights. On the left, each individual user's name is listed. The chart shows whether the individual has the create list, create eval, service eval, manage eval, access eq, explore eq, create eq, or administrator user right. The user's last login is also noted.

Re-Activate Users

To re-activate a user:

1. Select the +Add User button.

2. The ADD USER screen will appear.

  • Add the user's email into the New User's Email: field and select Check:

This image shows an email address being added into the New User's Email field. There is text within the image that indicates that TES enforces a unique email policy. An email is restricted to a single user account.A message will appear that indicates that the email cannot be used at this time. The email is currently IN-USE but is INACTIVE for this account. It will indicate that details are provided below.

3. Select the Re-Activate button to re-activate the user.

After selecting the Check button, more information will appear on the Add User screen. This includes the message noted above. The following information will also appear, if available: Name, Job Title, Phone, Fax, Email, Address 1, Address 2, City, Postal Code, and State. The Create List, Create Evaluation, Service Evaluation, Manage Evaluation, Access Equivalency, Explore Equivalency, Create Equivalency, and Administrator user rights will be listed. If a user has that right, True will be noted next to that right name. If they do not, False will be noted.

The user account will be re-activated and the TES Administrator will be returned to the User Management screen. 

Please note: Users new to TES who have had accounts de-activated in other CollegeSource products will not be able to directly activate accounts in TES. Please contact CollegeSource for further assistance, either through the Help button or Contact Us.

Review/Update Account Information

Once a user has been re-activated, it is a good idea to review the individual's contact information and assigned user rights and make adjustments if needed. See Update/De-Activate User for further information. Once re-activated, Priority Departments can also be assigned to individuals who will be reviewing evaluation tasks within the Evaluation Tracker workflow.

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