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The TES® Evaluation Tracker workflow gives institutions a means to route course descriptions to faculty and staff for review by creating evaluation tasks.

To support the evaluation process, TES gives customers access to a comprehensive set of resources, including institution profiles, websites, and transcript keys. It also provides a means to attach syllabi and course outlines to evaluation tasks.

Each step of the evaluation process is tracked and recorded within an evaluation log. Comments can be added to help document the justification for an evaluation decision.

Schools can take full advantage of the Evaluation Tracker workflow by storing equivalencies in TES. When curriculum changes occur, courses can be reevaluated to support better transfer advising.

For an overview of the Evaluation Tracker workflow, see

Evaluation Tracker Queues

Evaluation tasks are accessed through three workflow queues within the Track menu:

  1. My Evaluations
  2. All Open Evaluations
  3. All Closed Evaluations.

The My Evaluations queue houses pending evaluations assigned to or created by faculty or staff. 

Evaluation tasks are considered open or pending until they are removed from the Evaluation Tracker workflow by selecting one of the following actions:

  • Close
  • Create Equivalency and Close

The All Open Evaluations queue holds all pending evaluation tasks.

All Closed Evaluations holds all evaluation tasks that have been closed. Closed evaluation tasks that did not result in an equivalency can be reopened.

User Rights

Each institution’s TES Administrator assigns the user rights needed to utilize the Evaluation Tracker workflow. See User Rights and Permissions for an overview of all TES user rights.

Tip: Decide a timeframe in which evaluation tasks should be completed. If an evaluation is still pending, send faculty and staff email reminders.

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