My Evaluations: Tasks Assigned to Me

The Evaluation Tracker Workflow overviews the three queues of evaluation tasks in TES®: My Evaluations, All Open Evaluations, and All Closed Evaluations. Each user’s My Evaluations queue contains all pending evaluation tasks assigned to or created by that person. This article will focus on those evaluations assigned to a user.

The SERVICE EVAL user right is required to be assigned an evaluation task in TES and to access the My Evaluations queue. Within this area of My Evaluations, a user can view, take action on, or search pending evaluation tasks assigned to that person. 

To navigate to My Evaluations:

  1. Go to the Track menu.
  2. Select My Evaluations.
    • Assigned to me is selected by default.

Details are provided regarding: 

  • The institution from which an evaluation was created.
  • The number of evaluation tasks from that institution (EVAL COUNT).
  • The city and state in which the institution is located.

Screenshot of My Evaluations queue as described above.

View a Pending Evaluation Task

1. Select the blue arrow to the left of the institution's name.

Screenshot of My Evaluations queue. Red call out illustrates location of the blue arrow to the left of the institution's name.

The following information will be displayed in the EVALUATION LIST:

Screenshot of EVALUATION LIST as described below. Multiple Psychology courses from Central Lakes College have been sent for evaluation.

SEND COURSE(S)                                                                       

Transfer institution course identifier (often structured as a subject + number)

PROPOSED COURSE(S)                                                          

Equivalency suggested by the evaluation task creator or evaluator (if blank, no equivalency was proposed)

LAST ACTION NOTES                                                                

Description of the last action taken (may include comments)

LAST ACTION DATE                                                                   

Most recent date an action was selected


Person to whom the evaluation task is currently assigned


Person who initiated the evaluation task


Date the evaluation task was created

2. Select the blue arrow to the left of the SEND COURSE(S) to view its details.

Screenshot illustrates blue arrow to the left of PSYC 1423.

The EDIT EVALUATION screen will appear:

Screenshot depicting EDIT EVALUATION screen. Course information for Central Lakes College's PSYC 1423 Positive Psychology the Science of Wellbeing displays.

Select an Action

Options vary based on user rights and include: 

  • Approve
  • Deny
  • Need More Information
  • Re-Assign
  • Add/Edit Course
  • Create Equivalency and Close
  • Add/Edit Support File
  • Send Email
  • Close

In order for Approve to appear as an option, an equivalency has to have been proposed by the evaluation task creator or selected in the evaluation process.

Course Information

The transfer institution's name will appear on the left. The following course details will be available. When optional data is not provided by the institution, the header name will not appear. 


Institution course identifier (often structured as a subject + number)


Name of the course (a brief label)


Summary of the content of the course


Credit value of the course (educational systems vary; this number could represent semester, quarter, unit, or other credit types)

Lecture Hours  (optional)                                                                            

Number of credit hours assigned to instructor presentation (a portion of the total credit hours of the course)

Lab Hours (optional)                                                                                  

Number of credit hours assigned to laboratory work (a portion of the total credit hours of the course)

Other Hours (optional)                                                                                

Additional hours assigned to the course, outside of lecture or laboratory

Prerequisite (optional)                                                                                

Requirement that must be met prior to taking the course

Corequisite (optional)

Requirement that must be fulfilled while the course is taken

Recommended (optional)                                                                           

Additional coursework or skills that should be acquired before taking the course

Offered (optional)                                                                                          

Term(s) in which the course is typically scheduled

Grade Basis (optional)                                                                                     

Scale or options under which the course will be evaluated (ex. A-F, CR/NC)


Faculty by which the course is taught or attributed to

Source catalog                                                                           

Name of the academic publication the course was sent for evaluation from

Course tag(s) (optional)

Institution-supplied code attached to a course, used to facilitate system and statewide transfer; generally applied to core or general education requirements

Course outline (optional)                                                                           

Institution-supplied document attached to a course; a PDF of a curriculum outline, learning outcomes, and/or a syllabus

Course history                                                                           

Select +  to see previous versions of the course

If the evaluation task creator suggests a proposed equivalency, the course will appear under the home institution's name. 

Evaluation Details

The following will be noted: 


Name and job title of the person to whom the evaluation task is currently assigned

Create Date:                                                                            

Date and time the evaluation task was created (time is reported in Pacific time)

Created by:                                                                               

Name and job title of the person who initiated the evaluation task


Notes or additional information supplied by the evaluation task creator

Evaluation Log

The EVALUATION LOG tracks all of the activity that occurs during the evaluation. This log is stored within the evaluation task; if an institution stores equivalencies in TES®, this information is available when viewing a course equivalency in the Equivalency Manager.

The more steps an evaluation task goes through, the longer its EVALUATION LOG. Below is an example of a task that went through multiple rounds of evaluation. 

Screenshot of EVALUATION LOG as described below.

  1. S Hatfield sent an evaluation task to J Piaget on 8/8/2022. No equivalent course was proposed.
  2. J Piaget chose PSY 1xx (a Psychology 1xx-level elective) as the equivalent course.
  3. J Piaget approved the course and re-assigned it to S Hatfield.
  4. S Hatfield re-assigned the course to S Beckett with the following note: "Please review to determine if the course will meet CSU's liberal education requirements."
  5. S Beckett added the course LE SOC SCI (this user-added course is used to evaluate courses as meeting the CollegeSource University Social Sciences requirement).
  6. S Beckett approved the course and re-assigned it to S Hatfield.

Tip: It is recommended that evaluators with only the SERVICE EVAL user right set the My Evaluations page as the default HOME PAGE via User Preferences.

Completing an Evaluation Task

See Completing an Evaluation for an overview of the review process.

Once an evaluation task has been completed, it will be routed to a user who can finalize the evaluation by either creating an equivalency or closing it. The evaluation task will appear in that person's Assigned to me queue.

Creating an Equivalency

See Creating an Equivalency from an Evaluation Task for an overview.

Close an Evaluation Task

See Close an Evaluation Task for an overview.

Searching for an Evaluation Task

1. Select Search.

Screenshot of My Evaluations Assigned to Me. Red callout illustrates that Search button is located on the top right.

2. Select and/or enter the appropriate search criteria. Search criteria apply filters that refine how results are returned.

Screenshot of EVALUATION SEARCH, as described below.


College, university, or organization the course is from

(select from the drop-down or search across all institutions [SHOW ALL])

Course Code:                                                                              

Transfer Course                                                                    

Transfer institution course identifier (often structured as a subject + number)

Proposed EQ Course                                                             

Equivalency suggested by the evaluation task creator or evaluator

(input a full or partial code, and toggle the radio button)                        

Evaluation Type:                 

Assigned to me                                                                       

Toggle to search evaluations assigned to the person

Created by me                                                                        

Toggle to select evaluations created by the person                         

Evaluation Age:                                                                       

Number of days since the evaluation was created

(select from the drop-down: >2 DAYS,  >5 DAYS, >10 DAYS, >15 DAYS, >20 DAYS, >30 DAYS, >60 DAYS, >90 DAYS)

Sort List By:                                                                             

Arrange results in descending order 


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