Evaluation Tracker Call – Set Evaluation Task

If no results are returned when searching for an Evaluation Task or for an existing Equivalency a new Evaluation Task may need to be created.

Using the SetEvaluationTask  web service call, users can create an evaluation task outside of the TES interface and allow users to use TES to service the evaluation task.  


Users will need to know the following before they are able to set an Evaluation Task.

AccessKeyID - Provided with Web Services subscription
UserIDs for Creator and Assignee  - See How to Get the UserID
InstitutionalID for Send Institution - See How to Look Up an Institution ID (InstitutionID)
SendCourseID for the specific course(s) - See How to Look up a Course ID (CourseID)

How it Works:

To set an evaluation tasks users will need to provide the following information; AccessKeyID, CreateUserID, AssignedUserID, Comment*, SendInstitutionID, SendCourseID1, SendCourseID2*, SendCourseID3*, SendCourseID4*, SendCourseID5*, SendCourseID6*, SendCourseID7*, SendCourseID8*, SendCourseID9*, and SendCourseID10*. 

*indicates a value that may be left null.

If the task is successfully created an EvalautionID will be returned.  

Parameter Guide

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