Look Up Call – Course ID

A CourseID is a unique value associated with every course in TES. This value is needed for creating an evaluation task and setting equivalencies to a course using the API.

Looking up a CourseID

You will need to know a few details regarding the course in order to use the API call. First is the Institution ID. You can use the "How to Look Up an Institution ID" API calls to find it.

From there you will need to provide a course code (CourseCode) for that specific course. A CourseCode is a combination of the departmental prefix and the course number, such as ENGL 101, or MATH-101.

Finally, you will need to provide the month and year for the course.

How it Works:

Using the GetCourseByInstitutionIDCourseCodeMonthYear call provide your access key ID (AccessKeyID), Institution ID (InstitutionID), Course Code (CourseCode), Month (1-12) and Year (4-digits).  

Parameter Guide


If the search is successful in finding that specific course it will return the unique CourseID, CourseCode and Course Title (CourseTitle).  In some case multiple results maybe returned.  This is do to the date range associated with the catalog at the institution, where the date you are searching overlaps 2 catalog date ranges.  

If the search is unsuccessful, an error of "No Course Found" will be returned.   

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