Look Up Call – User ID

Plan on using the TES Web Service API Package to create evaluation tasks or to create equivalencies?  Then you are going to need the UserID for each of your users in TES.

What is a UserID?

Each user that is created in TES is given a unique ID value or UserID.  This value allows Evaluation Tasks to be routed to a specific user and to provide a creator for Equivalencies built using the API protocols. 

How it Works:

Using the GetUsers call provide the key ID (AccessKeyID) for your institution to retrieve the UserID value for every active user associated with your account.  

Parameter Guide


As a best practice, it is recommended that you map the TES UserID with the User's identity at your institution.  This will make integrating the TES Web Service API package easier with existing workflows.   

***This API call will need to be made any time additional users are added in TES to retrieve their unique UserID value. 

The methods are available through the https://bws.collegesource.com/ web service.

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