How to Batch Delete Equivalencies

Building upon Finding Equivalencies through the Equivalency Search, this article overviews the steps needed to batch delete equivalencies through Equivalency Search. 

Institutions may choose to batch delete equivalencies using the Equivalency Batch Editor. However, such a choice should be considered carefully, as data will be unable to be recovered and can impact Groups and Group Reports.

Selecting Equivalencies

First, locate the equivalencies that need batch deleting, using the steps detailed in the previous article. 

A maximum of 2,000 results can be deleted at once. If one's search results produce more results, they will need to be refined.

Batch Deleting Equivalencies

Equivalencies have been located using the Equivalency Search. To batch delete selected equivalencies, select Batch Delete:

The below message will appear, alerting the user that they are about to delete the selected equivalencies (a specific number will be provided). All references will be deleted, including any references in Course Equivalency Groups and Reports. As noted, this action cannot be undone. Select Confirm to delete (or, Cancel if it has been decided the equivalencies should not be deleted):

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