Evaluation Tracker

The Evaluation Tracker option under the Manage menu allows users with TES ADMINISTRATOR rights to set default options for the Evaluation Tracker workflow. The Evaluation Tracker workflow enables institutions to route courses and proposed equivalencies to evaluators. In this article, the four options will be introduced.

To learn more about these default options and how to set/adjust them, see the following articles:

An Overview of the Evaluation Tracker Default Settings

Four defaults can be set/adjusted within Evaluation Tracker.

  1. A default setting for evaluation task actions that have a SEND EMAIL checkbox. 
    1. This can be toggled ON/OFF. 
      • If set to ON, the user receiving an evaluation task will receive an email alert unless the SEND EMAIL checkbox is manually unchecked by the person sending the review.
  2. An email address to notify when an equivalency task is created from an evaluation task.
    1. An email address can be entered in the ENTER EMAIL textbox.
  3. The default assignee for evaluation tasks.
    1. The user's name can be selected from the SELECT USER dropdown. A user is eligible to be selected as the default assignee if they have SERVICE EVAL and (MANAGE EVAL or CREATE EQ) user rights.
    2. When an evaluator selects Approve, Deny, or Need More Information within an evaluation task, they must choose a person to assign the evaluation task to for the next steps. 
      • If the creator of this task has CREATE EVAL, SERVICE EVAL, and (MANAGE EVAL or CREATE EQ) user rights, they will appear as the first name on the list and will receive the returned evaluation if no other name is selected. 
      • If the creator of the task does not have the noted rights, the default assignee established here will appear as the first name. Unless the evaluator picks a different person, this user will be forwarded the evaluation task and must take the steps needed to complete the task.
        • Note that if the creator of the evaluation task does have the rights noted above, and a default assignee has also been established, the default assignee will appear as the second name on the list.
  4. The default user from which to assign externally generated evaluation tasks.
    1. The user's name can be selected from the SELECT USER dropdown. A user is eligible to be selected as the default assignee if they have SERVICE EVAL and (MANAGE EVAL or CREATE EQ) user rights.
    2. This user will receive all evaluations sent through Transferology Lab's TES Mode, in the event that:
      • An institution does now allow users to assign TES evaluation requests to a specific user, or
      • The default assignee is selected from the list of eligible recipients within Transferology Lab.
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