E-mail Address for Equivalency Details

When an equivalency is created in the final step in the Evaluation Tracker workflow, the details of the equivalency can be automatically sent to an e-mail recipient. 

To set up this process:

  1. Navigate to the Manage menu.
  2. Select Evaluation Tracker.
  3. Look for the text that says "Email address to notify when evaluation tasks results in an equivalency (single email address only)."  
    1. In the ENTER EMAIL: box, enter the email address of the TES user who should receive these notifications.
    2. Select Submit.
      1. A message in green text will appear, stating: SUCCESS! The email address has been updated.

  • When an evaluation results in an equivalency, the full details of the equivalency will automatically be sent to the recipient listed in this field.

  • This is an optional function. No recipient address is required. If the function later changes to a different person, enter the Manage>Evaluation Tracker screen, clear out the old address, and add the new one.
  • If you would like multiple staff to have access to the equivalency details, you will need to have your e-mail system administrator create a group e-mail address (e.g. EQDetails@institution.edu) that those multiple folks will have access to. Do not add multiple e-mail recipient address to this field. Doing so will result in the Close and Create Equivalency process not completing as expected.
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