E-mail Alert Default Status

When you create an Evaluation Task in the Evaluation Tracker workflow, there is a Send e-mail alert? checkbox. When this box is checked, an e-mail message is sent to the evaluator letting them know that an evaluation task has been assigned to them. When the checkbox is unchecked, no alert is sent.

 The TES Administrator can set the default status for the Send e-mail alert? checkbox on this page. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Manage menu.
  2. Select Evaluation Tracker.
  3. Look for the text that says "Select a default setting for evaluation tasks actions that have a SEND EMAIL checkbox."
  4. Set the alert default to ON/OFF.
    1. Best practice is to set the alert default to "ON". 
      • This status is set to “ON” by default.
  5. Select Submit.
    1. A message in green text will appear, stating: SUCCESS! The email address has been updated.

Regardless of the status established here, staff creating individual Evaluation Tasks will have the ability to check/uncheck it themselves in each new evaluation task.

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