2019 TES Enhancements


Comments added to Evaluation Tracker E-Mail Alert

The Evaluation Tracker workflow in TES allows institutions to manage their course evaluations right in TES. There is an e-mail alert that can be sent to the new recipient of an evaluation task as it progresses through each step of the evaluation. You can add comments as you progress through each step, as well.

How it works:

An enhancement was made to include the comments entered in each step of the evaluation task in the e-mail message that the new recipient receives. Previously, the new evaluator would need to open the evaluation task itself to see the previous comments.

For more information regarding the Evaluation Tracker, see: Sample Life of an Evaluation Task


TES Password Changes - Case-sensitivity, Annual Reset

To log in to TES you need your username (an institution-based e-mail address) and a password that you create. Prior to this update, the TES password was never case-sensitive. Under Manage>User Preferences, you could change your password (or use the Forgot your password? link) to reset your password.

How it works:

TES Passwords are now case-sensitive. We also implemented an annual password reset. You will get messages for the last seven days of the password "year" that you need to reset your password. If you exceed the year, you will be required to reset the password before you are allowed to log in. If you choose to reset your password sooner than a year, the "due date" will get pushed out a year from that reset.



New TES Dashboard Launched!

A new Dashboard was added to TES. The Dashboard - accessible from the Manage menu - includes "widgets" that display the Equivalencies by Institution infographic, the current User activity, a My Tasks snapshot, overall Account Activity, and a list of institutions that you have defined equivalencies from that have just had a catalog added.



Dashboard Chart, Institution Profile (Evaluation Tracker), User Preferences

Two issues were reported:
  • There was an issue with the display of the "Top three" institutions in the Dashboard widget displaying Equivalencies by Institution. The top institution was being repeated three times.
  • There was an issue where the Institution Profile was not displaying when you click the icon in the "My Assigned Evaluations" screen in the  Evaluation Tracker workflow. The popup was displaying a blank screen.

Additionally, User Preferences allows the user to select their default landing page for each time that they log in to TES.

How it works:

Two issues were fixed:

  • "Top three" institutions display was fixed to display the actual top three institutions from which you have defined equivalencies.
  • The Institution Profile popup was fixed to actually display the profile information, including a link to the website and transcript key (if available).

The options of "Dashboard" and "Equivalency Finder" were added to the list of pages that a user can select as their default landing page.

For more information regarding the Dashboard, see: The Dashboard
For more information regarding the Evaluation Tracker, see: Sample Life of an Evaluation Task
For more information regarding the User Preferences, see: User Preferences



Evaluation Tracker Workflow Defaults

There are three (3) elements that a user with the TES Administrator User Right can set for the Evaluation Tracker workflow: E-mail Alert On/Off, e-mail address for equivalency details, and default evaluator for externally generated evaluation requests. The e-mail address for equivalency details cannot be removed. It can be replaced but it can't be removed.

How it works:

An update now allows this e-mail address to be cleared.

For more information regarding the Equivalency Details E-Mail Address, see: Equivalency Details E-Mail Address

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