Web Service API

CollegeSource Application Programming Interfaces (API) is a premium service package for our TES® product. The APIs allow users to create equivalencies or evaluation tasks outside of TES® and allow users to create a customized public view. The web service API package is not included with a TES subscription; there is an additional yearly subscription for its use.

The TES Web Service API suite can be found at https://bws.collegesource.com/ . On this page, you can see a demo of how one can use the calls to retrieve a course description from the web service.  There are also parameter guides for some of the more advanced functions, such as building an equivalency or routing an equivalency to a specific user. There are also API calls that allow you to query your TES® equivalencies.  These API calls are most useful if you are trying to limit the institutions that appear in your public view or and want to develop a customized mobile-friendly view for displaying your equivalencies.  

The API’s provide a method of real-time data entry when it comes to building equivalencies in both TES® and an external system.  If real-time is not required, there is always the option of using the TES® export file to import equivalencies built-in TES® into an external system.  

If you are interested in adding API access to your subscription, please contact us.