Submit a Catalog to CollegeSource

CollegeSource maintains an extensive database of college catalogs. Catalogs from United States institutions are collected annually (or by print cycle) where permission exists or where it is implied by subscription to a CollegeSource service. For more information, see CollegeSource’s Catalog Collection Policy.

CollegeSource proactively attempts to collect catalogs, but can also receive catalogs directly from the publishing institutions.

Unsure if CollegeSource already has a catalog? Use the Help button to submit an inquiry.


Before submitting a catalog, ensure that:

  • Curriculum changes are complete and formally approved.
  • Data is in one of the following formats:
    • Unsecured PDF;
    • HTML; or
    • DOC/DOCX.

Institutions are encouraged to submit catalogs in PDF format for faster processing.

Institutions that do not have a traditional catalog or cannot provide it in the above formats can submit a course data set.

Catalog Submission

Submit a Digital File

  1. Obtain a password by submitting a request to
  2. Upload the document(s) to


If a catalog is only available in HTML format, email with a link to the website.

Submit a Printed Catalog

Mail catalogs to:

Acquisitions and Data Assessment

CollegeSource, Inc.

8090 Engineer Road

San Diego, CA 92111

Letter or Email Request from CollegeSource

Institutions that received a letter or email from CollegeSource requesting catalog information and material should:

  1. Submit the Access Code found in the letter/email to CollegeSource Online.
  2. Verify or update account information. 
  3. Submit the catalog (see options above).

Expedited Requests 

CollegeSource processes catalogs in the order they are received. To submit a request for expedited processing:

  1. Submit the catalog (see options above).
  2. Select the Help button on any page in TES®. 
  3. Select Ask.
  4. Select Catalog request from the Request Type* drop-down.
  5. Enter the information requested in the prompts.
  6. Select Send a message.

Changes to Catalog Data

Once processing is complete, data is considered “live” and is available for CollegeSource subscribers to use. CollegeSource does not process ongoing updates to catalogs as it would be difficult to remove existing data. Processing questions should be submitted through the Help button.

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