Help Button

The help button (bubble), located at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, is a way to get quick answers or ask for help when using TES.

Search for Answers

When you first click the Help button, the most popular articles will automatically appear. You can type a keyword or question into the search box, and more relevant articles will be displayed. Simply click on the article that matches what you're looking for to read the article without leaving TES. Click the X in the top right corner to go back to the list of articles and choose something else, or click the X Help button at any point to close the modal box. 

Ask for Help

If you don't see an article that answers your question, or you want to contact support directly, click the Ask button at the top to switch to a ticket form. Follow the steps, and if needed, use the picture icon within the message to upload a screenshot or any other document (under 10MB) that will help the support agent resolve your issue. 

See Your Previous Conversations

In addition to viewing help docs and submitting a ticket, you can also view your previous support history through this Help box. Click Ask and below the Email button you'll see the words Previous Conversations. Click on those to see all of the tickets you've previously submitted, and re-open them if needed.