CollegeSource's Catalog Collection Policy

CollegeSource maintains a database that contains over 130 million course descriptions and 150 thousand college catalogs. Below is our collection policy. 

US Catalogs are collected annually (or by print cycle) where permission exists or is implied by subscription to a service (TES, CSO, Transferology) *

Foreign Catalogs in English are collected based on client request and availability only

Foreign Catalogs not in English - collected based on client request and availability only; they are not translated **

* If a client is subscribed to one of these products, we assume they want to have their own catalog in the database because many features would not work otherwise. We often still reach out to them during collection, with a catalog request letter if nothing else, to assure that we are collecting at the right time in the release cycle and to ensure continued goodwill.

** In other words, a catalog composed in French will be displayed in French, not English. And yes (since you asked), these course descriptions appear in TES if the character sets will display properly. 

Bosnian example:

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