CollegeSource's Catalog Collection Policy

As of May 2023, CollegeSource has collected over 179,000 college catalogs, which include over 150,000,000 course descriptions.

Catalogs from institutions within the United States are collected annually (or by print cycle) where permission exists or is implied by subscription to a CollegeSource service.

When available, catalogs from institutions outside the United States are collected based on requests from CollegeSource service clients. These catalogs are collected and presented in their source language and are not translated into English. 

Subscribing to one of CollegeSource, Inc.'s online services, or providing (links to or consent to utilize) your institution's catalog data, expressly grants CollegeSource, Inc. a non-exclusive right and license to digitize, create derivative works, and publish that data (and updates to that data) in its online services on a continuing basis. This permission to collect and create digital copies of an institution's catalog data is in no way intended to infringe on the institution's intellectual property rights. Collection of updates will continue unless CollegeSource, Inc. is notified otherwise in writing.

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