Export a List of Users

This article provides an overview of the process by which a TES® Administrator can export a list of the users within the institution's TES® account.

To begin:

1. Go to Manage.

2. Select User Management.

The User Management screen will appear:

This is an image of the user management screen in TES. Buttons one can select from at the top are add user, set priority departments, email, export, and user rights. On the left, each individual user's name is listed. The chart shows whether the individual has the create list, create eval, service eval, manage eval, access eq, explore eq, create eq, or administrator user right. The user's last login is also noted.3. Select the Export button.

Depending on the browser being used, the extracted file will either be accessible in a pop-up window or through a button at the bottom of the window.

    • If using Chrome, for example, the file will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the browser. Right-click and select Open to view the file.This is an image of the unopened extract file when exported through Chrome.
  • The file will then open in Excel (as a Read Only file).
    • Select the Enable Editing button to edit the output file.
      • To better see an example of the export file within this documentation, double-check the image.

This is an image of the export file in Excel. The following fields, and corresponding user data (when available), are shown: NameFirst, NameMiddle, NameLast, ContactDepartment, Title, Email, TESCreateReportFlag, TESCreateEvaluationFlag, TESServiceEvaluationFlag, and TESManageEvaluationFlag. Additional fields appear in the export file that are not shown here.

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