E-mail Users

This article provides an overview of the processes by which a TES® Administrator can email a user, or all users, within the institution's TES account. This feature can be used to send individual emails or group emails highlighting training, policy statements, etc.

To begin:

1. Go to Manage.

2. Select User Management.

The User Management screen will appear:

This is an image of the user management screen in TES. Buttons one can select from at the top are add user, set priority departments, email, export, and user rights. On the left, each individual user's name is listed. The chart shows whether the individual has the create list, create eval, service eval, manage eval, access eq, explore eq, create eq, or administrator user right. The user's last login is also noted.3. Select the Email button.

4. The EMAIL USER(S) screen will appear. Select the desired recipient (or EVERYONE to send the message to all users).

This image illustrates the EMAIL USER(S) page. Your institution's name will appear in the From field, followed by the email tes@collegesource.com. The To field defaults to everyone.5. Add a subject to the email.

6. Create the body of the e-mail.

7. Enable the Send me a copy checkbox to have a copy of the email delivered to the sender.

8. Select Send.

This image is of the EMAIL USER(S) page. In the example, an email is being sent to all users of CollegeSource University. Thus, within the To field, Everyone was selected. The subject is invitation to training. The body reads: Please join us Tuesday, November 29th from 1:00 PM to 4:00PM for an overview of TES. Bring your questions. There will be open lab time to allow for hands on experience. Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP by November 21st to hold your spot. The email is signed by Sarah. The Send me a copy checkbox is marked. The image further notes that replies will only be sent to the email of the user sending the message. Once an email is ready, select Send. There is also a Cancel button.

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