Institution Resource Information: Profile, Website, Transcript Key, and PDF Catalogs

This article provides an overview of the multiple resources within TES® that can help staff at colleges and universities obtain the information needed to determine whether and how to accept credit from an institution.

Institutional Profile (U.S. Schools Only)

Within a U.S. school's Institution Profile page, staff can gather the information needed to understand the institution's accreditation, as well as the course numbering systems, grade definitions, and policies that influence how credit and courses are detailed on a student transcript.

Institution profiles are compiled from verified sources such as the Office of Postsecondary Education and the National Center for Education Statistics and are updated each year. Within the profile, users may find the following information regarding U.S. schools:

  • Contact Information
  • Institution Type
  • Degree Levels
  • Calendar System
  • Enrollment
  • Carnegie Class
  • Institutional identifier numbers
  • Accreditation

TES® Administrators can also supplement the information within a U.S. school institution profile through the creation of User Added Admin Notes (Edit Note). These notes are internal to the college or university and can be viewed by all active TES users at the school anywhere the institution profile displays.

A User Added Admin Note is highlighted within the institution profile. These notes can be used to document pertinent information about an institution such as a merger, consolidation, institution contacts, etc.

Institution profiles can be accessed via two possible icons in TES; which icon appears depends on the page through which the profile is accessed:

Icon Image
Plus-sign (+)

Callout illustrates plus-sign to the right of the institution's name and locaiton


Callout highlights building icon

For further information, see Institution Profile (U.S. Schools Only).

A user can be directed to a transfer institution's website by selecting the globe icon wherever it is displayed in TES®. Once selected, the institution's website will open in a new browser tab. From there, the user can search for any additional information needed about the school and/or its programs and courses.

Among the places a user will see this icon is after selecting an institution within the Course Finder or when viewing an institution profile.

Globe icon

Transcript Key

Users can access transcript keys through the key icon in TES®. These keys contain the information supplied by colleges and universities on the back of student transcripts. Among the places a user will see this icon is after selecting an institution within the Course Finder or when viewing an institution profile.

One of two keys will display, depending on whether a transcript key is available for the selected institution:

Key with gold head

At least one transcript key is available

key with gold head

Key with gray head

Transcript key(s) not available

key with gray head

Within a transcript key, institutions may find the following types of information:

  • Accreditation
  • Academic Calendar
  • Transcript Symbols
  • Grading Systems and Definitions
  • Course Numbering Systems
  • Policies

TES Administrators are encouraged to review the transcript key from the individual user's college or university in TES®. If a more recent version is available, please upload a copy of the transcript key so that institutions may benefit from the most up-to-date information.

Catalog PDFs

Within TES®, users can access full PDF of official institution catalogs. This can be helpful when institutions need to view degree program requirements, for example.

To view a catalog:

  1. Go to the Search menu.
  2. Select Course Finder.
  3. Use the INSTITUTION SEARCH box to enter the name of the institution from which a catalog is needed.
    • The U.S. Schools toggle is selected by default.
    • If needed, toggle Non U.S Schools or All to broaden the search.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Select the arrow to the left of the institution's name ("Select an institution").
  6. Use the CATALOG drop-down to find the title of the catalog needed.
  7. Click or tab to the Select button.
    • The PDF will open in a window of its own. If it does not, check that a pop-up blocker is not preventing the catalog from opening.

All catalogs are copyrighted. Reproducing a catalog, either in part or in full, is prohibited and violates the TES Subscription Agreement and Terms of Use.

GIF illustrating the steps for locating a PDF catalog for an institutinon.
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