Equivalency Manager Call – Get Equivalency Detail By Equivalency ID

Once you have identified that an equivalency exists you can use the following web service calls to get the details of that equivalency.


AccessKeyID - Provided with Web Services subscription
EquivalencyID - See Get (Check) Equivalency

How it Works: 

To get the details of an existing equivalency you can use the GetEquivalencyDetailByEquivalencyID and provide the following to view the details: AccessKeyID and EquivalencyID.

If found, the call will return the following information: 
EffectiveDateBegin, EffectiveDateEnd, CreateUser, CreateDateTime, HideFlag, PublicNote, PrivateNote, SendInstitution (Name), SendInstitutionCity, SendInstitutionState, SendCourseCode1, SendCourseCode2*, SendCourseCode3*, SendCourseCode4*, SendCourseCode5*, SendCourseCode6*, SendCourseCode7*, SendCourseCode8*, SendCourseCode9*, SendCourseCode10*, ReceiveInstitution (Name), ReceiveInstitutionCity, ReceiveInstitutionState,ReceiveCourseCode1, ReceiveCourseCode2*, ReceiveCourseCode3*, 
ReceiveCourseCode4*, ReceiveCourseCode5*, ReceiveCourseCode6*, ReceiveCourseCode7*, ReceiveCourseCode8*, ReceiveCourseCode9*, ReceiveCourseCode10*. 

*indicates a value that may be left null.

Parameter Guide

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