Evaluation Tracker Call – Check Evaluation Task

Users can use the following calls prevent duplicate tasks or to check and/or see if a course has already been evaluated.

How It Works:

Using the GetEvaluationTask web service call, users can see if a course from another institution has already been or is currently in the evaluation workflow.  Users will need to provide an AccessKeyID, SendInstitutionID and at least 1 SendCourseCode (code not the CourseID) to check and see if this course is currently in the workflow.  The call will then search for an exact match based on the SendInstitutionID and the SendCourseCode. 


If the course is found in an existing evaluation task, a EvaluationID will be returned in the output from the call.  

Parameter Guide

The method are available through the https://bws.collegesource.com/ web service.

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