New Features in TES (May 2023): Priority Departments, Peer Sharing, Catalog Status Tracking, and Institution Profile Notes

What's New in TES®:

  1. Institutions can now establish Priority Departments for staff (particularly evaluators). Assigned Departments will be listed at the top of course data sets when evaluating tasks within the Evaluation Tracker workflow.
  2. Institutions can now designate up to six Peer Institutions for the purpose of seeing how these colleges and universities are evaluating courses and other experiences for transfer and award of credit. This could help facilitate the evaluation of credit if institutions can see how peers are transferring those courses.
  3. Catalog Status Tracking allows users to view, as well as request and track, the status of catalog loads into TES. Rather than having to always request a catalog that is not currently live in TES, an individual will be able to see if it is already in the pipeline (and where in the pipeline it is). This will alleviate having to request catalogs that are already in process - and will allow users to track them until they are loaded and live.
  4. The new Institution Profile Notes feature allows TES Administrators to add notes to the Institution Profile in TES. This will allow users, for example, to note grade policy changes, changes to hours, and any other pertinent information that the college or university can use when evaluating transfer credit from that institution.

Learn more about these features by viewing the webinar below. This webinar was recorded on June 8, 2023.

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