How to Log In to TES

This article provides instructions for how to log in to TES®, the Transfer Evaluation System.

TES Administrators must establish user accounts for all faculty and staff who will have access to TES. While CollegeSource creates the institution's first Administrator account, all other accounts are created and managed by the subscribing college or university. Inquiries regarding the status of user accounts should be directed to the campus office that manages TES; this is often the Registrar's or Admissions Office.

Log In

To log in to TES:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Log In.
  3. Once the login page appears, within the Username field, enter the email address associated with the account.
  4. Enter the account Password in the noted field.

TES will support the copying and pasting of passwords and entering of passwords via a password management system.

The password will be hidden by default.

    • To display it, select the Show button.
      • To hide the password again, select Hide.
  1. Select Log In.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Multifactor authentication – also known as “MFA” – protects a user’s account - and the data within - from unauthorized access if the user’s password becomes stolen or compromised. It does so by introducing a second verification step to confirm the user’s identity. This additional means of authentication will be required every time a user logs into TES® unless the individual chooses for the device in use to be remembered. In this instance, the user will not receive a prompt for two-step authentication for the next ninety days. Two-step verification will be required upon the next login via an unremembered or unrecognized device.

Verification Code

After logging into TES®, users will receive a prompt indicating that CollegeSource sent a one-time verification code to the individual’s registered email.

Image of identity verification page as described below.
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To continue logging into TES:

  1. Check the email associated with the TES account.
  2. Look for an email from with the subject "TES: Your Verification Code."
  3. Enter the six-digit verification code into the box provided.
    • The verification code will expire ten minutes after the email is sent.
      • Since TES automatically ends user sessions after 10 minutes of inactivity, if a user’s session has timed out before the verification code has been entered, the individual will be redirected to the TES login page and prompted to start the MFA process again.
      • If the user's session has not timed out and more than 10 minutes have passed since the code was sent, a message will appear indicating the code has expired.
        • If this message appears, select Resend to initiate another request.
          • Then, repeat the steps above.

Remember This Device?

Users must indicate whether the device the user is logging in with should be remembered as secure.

  1. Make the selection using the following guidelines:
    1. Select Yes to remember the secure device.
      • Two-step verification will not be required for the next ninety days when logging into TES via this same device.
    2. Select No if the device is public or shared and should not be remembered.
      • Two-step verification will be required upon the next login to TES.
  2. Select Submit.

The user should check the registered email's spam folder if the verification code is not received within a few minutes. If the user or institution has established inbox rules directing emails from CollegeSource to a particular folder, review that folder. If the code has still not arrived, verify that the email being checked is the one associated with the user's TES account. 

It is important to note that each time a user logs into TES from an unrecognized device, multifactor authentication will be required. Additionally, if a user clears a recognized device's browser history/cache/cookies, MFA will need to be completed upon the next login.

Upon submission, users will be redirected to either the individual's default home page or the main TES home page.


If experiencing difficulty logging into TES:

  • Select the Forgot your password? link under the Log in button to request a password reset.
  • TES requires that users enable cookies.
    • See Enable Cookies for more information; the process for enabling cookies is different for each browser.

Need more assistance? Select the Help button on any page in TES to reach out to CollegeSource.

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