Look Up Call – CourseEquivalencyIDs for Established Equivalencies at a Single Institution

The second step is creating a custom public view or import process to a secondary system is to get all of the equivalency information for each of those institutions.

How it works:

Using the GetEquivalencyListBySendInstitutionByAccount call provide the key ID (AccessKeyID) for your institution, the InstitutionID for the Send institution. Optionally you can then filter your results by Status, specific course code at the send or receive institution. Then you can control how the results get displayed by setting the sort order, show or hide hidden equivalencies, which page to show, or adjust how much appears on a page.  

Parameter Guide


If you are using this for a import into a secondary system, we recommend you store the unique CourseEquivalencyID value along with the equivalency.  This will allow you to track changes in the equivalency.  So if the equivalency gets updated in TES, you can have an automated process check and see if the equivalency still matches what is in your secondary system and apply updates as needed.  

The method is now available through https://bws.collegesource.com/ web service. 

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