Edit or Delete Equivalencies

Edit Equivalencies

You can edit two different elements of an existing equivalency: You can edit the equivalent course(s) and/or you can edit the detail information.

Edit Courses

  • To edit the courses in the equivalency, click the Edit Courses button.
    • You can change the existing course(s), add additional course(s), and/or remove existing course(s) from the existing equivalency.

  • Use the Institution and Department dropdown lists to navigate to the list of the courses you can access.
  • Click on the Xbutton to the left of a course to remove either the transfer or home course from the equivalency.
  • Click on a +button in the list of courses to add either a transfer or home course to the equivalency.
    • If there is only one course on either side of the equivalency, you must add a new course before you can delete the course you want to replace.
  • Click the Done button (top-right) when you have finished editing the equivalency.

Edit Detail

  • To edit the Detail information, click the Edit Detailbutton – change, add, or remove the Begin Date and/or the End Date, change the selection for Public View Hide?, and/or change, add, or remove Public or Private Notes.

  • Click the Submit button to save your changes (or click the Cancel button to reject your changes).

Delete Equivalency

  • To delete an equivalency, click the EQ Delete button.
    • You will be prompted to confirm the action since it cannot be undone.

  • Click the Confirm button to delete the equivalency.
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