Sort User-Added Home Departments to the Top of the Department List

All of the dropdown lists in TES are sorted in ascending order, alphabetically, including the list of academic departments in your data sets. When you add User-Added Departments, they will also fall within the ascending alphabetical sort. This may present some difficulty for your evaluators as they will "blend in" with the rest of your academic departments.

You do have an option, however, to "override" the sort order through the use of special characters. You can use just about any character to sort the User-Added Department(s) to the top of the list. In the following example, we will use the asterisk (*) character.

  • The list of departments is sorted in ascending order, alphabetically.
  • This means the User-Added Department of "NO TRANSFER" sorts in the "N"s.

  • You can add a special character to the Department title to "override" the default sort.
    • Edit the NO TRANSFER department name, adding an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the Department title.

  • Now the *NO TRANSFER department sorts to the top of the list (due to the special character).

  • Adding special characters to all of your User-Added Departments allows you to sort those to the top of the list.
    • Adding more than one character allows you to further manage the sort order.

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