Reassign a Group of Open Evaluations

A group of open evaluation tasks may need to be reassigned to another evaluator for a variety of reasons:

  • The review was not completed in the required timeframe;
  • The evaluator has moved into a different position or department; or
  • The evaluator has left the institution.

Use the Reassign feature in TES® to reassign evaluations from one person to another.

1. Go to the Track menu.

2. Select All Open Evaluations.

3. Select Search.

Screenshot of All Open Evaluations. Details are provided regarding the institution from which an evaluation was created, the number of evaluation tasks from that institution, or the EVAL COUNT, and the city and state in which the institution is located. The callout notes the location of the Search button.

The EVALUATION SEARCH screen will appear:

Screenshot of EVALUATION SEARCH as described below.

4. Select and/or enter the appropriate search criteria. Search criteria apply filters that refine how results are returned. 

Current Assignee: 

Person to whom the evaluation is currently assigned

(select from the drop-down or search across all users with the SERVICE EVAL user right [SHOW ALL])

Previous Assignee:                               

Person to whom the evaluation was at one point assigned                                                                        

(select from the drop-down or search across all users with the SERVICE EVAL user right [SHOW ALL])


College, university, or organization the course is from

(select from the drop-down or search across all institutions [SHOW ALL])

Course Code:                                                                                                                                     

Transfer Course                                                                    

Transfer institution course identifier (often structured as a subject + number)

Proposed EQ Course                                                             

Equivalency suggested by the evaluation task creator or evaluator

(input full or partial code, and toggle the radio button)                           


Person who initiated the evaluation task

(select from the drop-down or search across all users with the CREATE EVAL user right [SHOW ALL])

Last Action Status:

Most recent action selected

(select from the drop-down: Approve, Deny, Need More Information, Re-Assign, Add/Edit Course, Add/Edit Support File)

Evaluation Age:          

Number of days since the evaluation was created

(select from the drop-down: >2 DAYS,  >5 DAYS, >10 DAYS, >15 DAYS, >20 DAYS, >30 DAYS, >60 DAYS, >90 DAYS)

Sort List By:                                                                      

Arrange results in descending order 


5. Select Search.

In the example below, H&R Block is selected as the current assignee:

Callouts highlights H&R Block selected within Current Assignee field and the location of the Search button.

The search criteria return all evaluation tasks currently assigned to H&R Block:

Screenshot of all open evaluations. callout depicts h&r block as assignee.

Selecting INSTITUTION LIST VIEW would return a user to the main page of the All Open Evaluations queue.

Reassigning Evaluations

Be cautious when re-assigning courses. All courses that meet the search criteria will be reassigned. If only the Search button is selected, every open evaluation task would be reassigned to an evaluator.

1. Select Reassign.

Screenshot of All Open Evaluations. Callout shows location of reassign button.

The REASSIGN pop-up will appear:

Screenshot of REASSIGN pop up, as described below.

2. Enter/select the following:

Note: (optional)

Enter a message to the person to whom the evaluation task(s) is being reassigned


Person to whom the evaluation task(s) is being reassigned

(select from the drop-down)

Send Email?:

Select the checkbox to send a notification to the new assignee (recommended)

Whether the Send Email? checkbox is auto-marked will depend on whether the TES® Administrator has established this default in Evaluation Tracker. See E-mail Alert Default Status for more information. If checked, the evaluator will only receive one email, regardless of the number of evaluation tasks reassigned. 

3. Select Confirm.

Once selected, the All Open Evaluations screen will reappear. If desired, verify the selected evaluations are in the new evaluator's queue by selecting Search, and selecting the new evaluator's name from the Current Assignee list.

If the Send Email? checkbox was marked, the new evaluator will receive the following email alert: 

screenshot of email new evaluator receives upon reassignment of evaluation tasks. Subject TES Evaluation Tracker Alert. The email states that course evaluation task(s) have been reassigned to their queue. Instructions are given regarding how to log in to TES, and find the evaluation tasks. Informational links about TES are provided below.

The EVALUATION LOG of the evaluation task will retain a record of the reassignment. 

If the evaluation results in an equivalency stored in TES, the full history will be available within the Equivalency Manager to those with the CREATE EQ user right. Those with the ACCESS EQ or CREATE EQ user right will also see this information in the Equivalency Finder.

Screenshot of EVALUATION LOG. Log shows evaluation task was initially assigned to H&R Block. It was re-assigned to L Pacioli. The note entered when reassigning the task is included in the log.

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