Re-Assign a Group of Open Evaluations

If you have a group of open evaluation tasks that need to be re-assigned to another evaluator for any reason - e.g. escalating a review that was not done in the required timeframe, reassigning open evaluation tasks for an evaluator moves into a different position, a different department, or perhaps leaves the institution entirely, etc. - you can use the RE-ASSIGN? function to re-assign all selected evaluations to another evaluator.

Please use this feature with care.

In the example here, let's say that the Department Chair is taking a sabbatical and you would like to re-assign all open evaluations (and assign any future evaluations) to the Associate Chair during their absence:

  • Click the Search button in the All Open Evaluations queue to select open evaluation tasks that need to be re-assigned. 

  • Add your search criteria (in this case, the current assignee) and click the Search button to display the list of selected evaluation tasks.

  • Click the Re-Assign? button to reveal the re-assign “pop-up”.
  • Select an evaluator from the dropdown list.
  • Check the SEND E-MAIL ALERT? Checkbox if you would like to send the new evaluator an e-mail letting them know they have new evaluation tasks in their queue.
  • They will only receive one e-mail, regardless of the number of evaluation tasks re-assigned.

  • Click the Confirm button to re-assign the selected evaluation tasks.
  • The search list will show no tasks assigned:

  • The individual that the tasks were re-assigned to will receive (one) e-mail alert message (provided the Send e-mail alert? checkbox was checked).

  • The (new) evaluator will now see the tasks in their queue.

  • The individual evaluation tasks will then display a “re-assign” action in the activity log, similar to if the action had been taken within the task itself:

  • The action will be retained in the Evaluation Log for the Evaluation Task if it is closed. If the evaluation results in an equivalency that is stored in TES, the full history will be available to staff that have the Equivalency Manager user right assigned.

Note: Using the Re-Assign? feature in the All Open Evaluations queue will result in all of the selected evaluation tasks being re-assigned to the designated evaluator.

That means that, if you have simply clicked the SEARCH button to display the entire list, the entire list (every open evaluation task) will be re-assigned to the (new) designated evaluator.