Search for an Institution by Country

If you need to see courses from a catalog for an institution outside of the United States, use the SEARCH FOR AN INSTITUTION BY COUNTRY feature in the Optional Search feature. Select a country from the drop down menu to display the institutions from that country listed in TES.

  • Open the Course Finder and click the Optional Search link to the right.

  • Click the Country radio button and use the Country dropdown list to select the country you would like to search.

  • Select the country and click the SEARCH button to see the list of schools that there are catalogs/datasets for in TES. The below example displays the output of selecting CANADA from the drop down menu.

  • Click on the arrow button for any of the schools that display to see their course catalog(s)/data set(s).
    • The DS? column indicates whether we have Data Sets in TES for this institution.
    • The PDF? column indicates whether we have .PDF catalogs in TES for this institution.
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