What is TES?

Central to TES® is an exhaustive course description database. The database contains complete course details, including course code, the course title, description, and the number of credits. 

TES also encompasses a suite of tools specifically aimed at automating and streamlining educational business processes. These processes include analysis of transfer courses and transcripts, the administration and maintenance of course equivalencies, and communication of course data between staff, users, and faculty.

Why Do Institutions Use TES?

TES gives you effective tools to help your institution evaluate educational experiences for transfer. Its comprehensive database helps users assess coursework from colleges and universities and military coursework and occupations. 

Its workflow can efficiently review coursework, national examinations, and other prior learning experiences for the award of credit. Many institutions use TES to help make faculty a part of the evaluation process. This system allows subject-matter experts to evaluate course information and determine how it compares to your institution's curriculum. Storing your transfer evaluations in TES gives you a means to consistently apply transfer decisions and references when and how evaluations were made. 

How Can I Get More Information? 

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