Export Open Evaluation Tasks

This article overviews how to export evaluation tasks within the All Open Evaluations queue.

In this article: 

1. Go to the Track menu.

2. Select All Open Evaluations.

3. Select Search.

The EVALUATION SEARCH screen will appear:

Screenshot of EVALUATION SEARCH as described below.4. Select and/or enter the appropriate search criteria. Search criteria apply filters that refine how results are returned. 

Current Assignee: 
Person to whom the evaluation is currently assigned

(select from drop-down or search across all users with the SERVICE EVAL user right [SHOW ALL])
Previous Assignee:                               
Person to whom the evaluation was at one point assigned

(select from drop-down or search across all users with the SERVICE EVAL user right [SHOW ALL])
College, university, or organization the course is from

(select from drop-down or search across all institutions [SHOW ALL])
Course Code:           
Transfer Course                                                                    
Transfer institution course identifier (often structured as a subject + number)

Proposed EQ Course                                                             
Equivalency suggested by the evaluation task creator or evaluator

(input full or partial code, and toggle radio button)                                                
Person who initiated the evaluation task

(select from drop-down or search across all users with the CREATE EVAL user right [SHOW ALL])
Last Action Status:
Most recent action selected

(select from drop-down: Approve, Deny, Need More Information, Re-Assign, Add/Edit Course, Add/Edit Support File)
Evaluation Age:          
Number of days since the evaluation was created

(select from drop-down: >2 DAYS,  >5 DAYS, >10 DAYS, >15 DAYS, >20 DAYS, >30 DAYS, >60 DAYS, >90 DAYS)
Sort List By:                                                                      
Arrange results in descending order 


5. Select Search.

Export Open Evaluations

To export evaluations returned from the chosen search criteria:

1. Select Export.

Selecting INSTITUTION LIST VIEW would return a user to the main page of the All Open Evaluations queue.

2. The EXPORT screen will open. Select the Institution Identifiers to include in the export file.

  • Choices are: OPEID, IPEDS, CEEB, and/or PESCGEO.

3. Select Export.

  • Depending on the browser being used, the extract file will be accessible in a pop-up window or through a button at the bottom.
    • If using Chrome, for example, the file will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the browser. Right-click and select Open to view the file.
  • The file will then open in Excel (as a Read Only file).
    • Select the Enable Editing button to edit the output file.
      • To better see an example export file within this documentation, double-check the image.

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