TES 101: An Introduction to the Transfer Evaluation System by CollegeSource

TES empowers users to quickly locate course descriptions; route and track the evaluation process; store, manage, group, and publicize the resulting equivalencies; and employ powerful algorithms to generate lists of equivalencies between institutions.

This introduction will demonstrate …

  • User Management – Adding new users and maintaining existing ones.
  • Import/Export Options
  • User-Added Courses – How to build placeholder courses for equivalencies to elective credit or to designate courses that will not transfer.
  • Course Finder – A research tool for quickly researching institution profiles and course descriptions.
  • Equivalency Manager – For creating, editing, storing, grouping, retrieving, and sharing college-to-college transfer credit equivalencies.
  • Evaluation Tracker – A paperless workflow for recording and summarizing the decisions involved in transfer credit evaluation.
  • Equivalency Explorer – For discovering changes from one catalog to the next or quickly and proactively finding likely equivalencies between any two institutions.
  • The Public View – A feature that allows you to publish your equivalencies on your website so that prospective transfer students can see for themselves how their courses may transfer.
  • Reports – A quick look at some of the information you can get out of TES about what you have in it and how you are using it.