Send Email Reminders for Open Evaluation Tasks: An Overview

This article provides an overview of the Send Email Reminder functionality in TES®. Individuals with the MANAGE EVAL user right can use this feature to send reminder notifications to evaluators who have not completed evaluation tasks. Emails can be sent manually or via a scheduled rule.

Why Send Email Reminders?

Institutions may find it helpful to send email reminders to evaluators who still need to complete assigned evaluation tasks.

One instance in which it may be beneficial is when the institution has an established timeframe for faculty to complete evaluations. Before assigning the task to a secondary evaluator (who may review the course for general credit), a user can remind the evaluator that input is needed.

Sending email reminders can also prevent duplicate evaluation tasks. When sending a course for review, if the EVALUATION HISTORY shows the course is currently out for review, users can send an email reminder (rather than another evaluation task) to the reviewer.

Send Email Reminders

Users can send email reminders in one of two ways:

  1. On a weekly schedule via an email rule.
  2. Manually to selected individuals.
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